Projects: QOD

Information for Patients

What does QOD mean for you, the patient?

Because your doctor is committed to the highest quality medicine possible, he or she has chosen to participate in NPA's Quality Outcomes Database (formerly the National Neurosurgery Quality and Outcomes Database, or "N2QOD").

What does this mean for you and your treatment?

Your doctor and hospital have dedicated staff who will record critical variables on patient outcomes, including information on your treatment. Your progress will be recorded several times during your course of treatment to archive the results and timeline of your treatment. The data are submitted to a nationwide database for analysis and comparison to national benchmarks. This database, QOD, is one of the most robust and powerful tools available to physicians to help them determine how to best care for their patients.

As part of QOD, your doctor receives actual and actionable data that he or she can use to guide patient management decisions, ensuring that all of his or her patients receive the most valid and evidence-based care available. Many physicians make decisions based upon their best estimate of what the potential risks and outcomes of a given surgery may be, or they refer to data from highly selected trials which may or may not be specifically relevant to your particular situation. QOD physicians are able to review the actual risks and outcomes of their procedures. You can be assured that your physician has the most up-to-date and "real life" applicable data available.

Congratulations! You have chosen a physician and hospital that clearly demonstrate their passion for optimizing patient outcomes.