NPA Services

The NPA's services are focused on several areas:

  • Data collection for the American Board of Neurological Surgeons (Maintenance of Certification and Neurolog)
  • Pay for Performance Programs (such as the Physician Quality Reporting System)
  • Registries and clinical trials (including recruiting investigators and data management)
  • Opinion Research (including surveys, expert panels and speakers)


  • Identify representative samples of clinicians using probabilistic methods
  • Maintain panels and contact preferences
  • Notify panels and monitor response
  • Rotate panelists to assure representative responses and avoid burn-out

Study Design

  • Recruit expert neurosurgical consultants for study design or product development
  • Maintain a database of neurosurgical experts
  • Provide epidemiologists and statisticians to assist clients in study design
  • Enable clients to construct a study

Clinical Trial Management

  • Identify and recruit appropriate investigators
  • Help in contracting with investigative sites
  • Create standardized operating procedures
  • Determine quality and work product of trial sites
  • Develop advisory and data monitoring panels

Data Management

  • Use of an internet-based data management system with a range of data management tools including:
    • Randomization and audit trails
    • Real time feedback
    • Communications among investigators and management of group documents
    • Automated, e-mail reminders for data submission
    • On-line survey data collection with the ability to generate response piping, branching or other question patterns
  • Statistical assistance for study design, study analysis or analytic reports
  • Manuscript preparation and manuscript review
  • Complete services for managing registries and Phase IV trials
  • Contracting for selected services or complete services from concept to publication
  • Providing neurosurgical speakers on selected topics